Catherine's Closet

Catherine’s Closet is now accepting only spring and summer clothing donations…
Please hold your fall and winter clothing donations until October 1, 2020…

For all clothing donation we will require that they be recently dry cleaned or freshly laundered and placed in closed plastic bags for handling. Items like shoes, sneakers, handbags, etc., must be thoroughly cleaned using sanitizing wipes, let completely air dry and also placed in closed plastic bags. For everyone’s safety and to avoid crowding, the drop off of all donations must be scheduled in advance for either a Wednesday -or- Friday, to ensure that someone is here to accept them and to see that the donations have been properly processed.  Please call us at 518-462-0899 to schedule your donation drop-off.

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“Catherine’s Closet” is a clothing thrift shop offered by Circles which includes “Cate’s Kids/Baby Blessings,”, and makes available appropriate clothing and supplies for adults, children and infants.

Clothing grants are given to those clients referred by other social service agencies and the local school districts in the area, who cannot afford to buy their own clothing.

Otherwise we sell clothing for a small donation. The lowest amount is 25 cents; the maximum item charge is $5.00. This revenue is used to help cover the cost of renting the space and the utilities for the thrift shop.

Low-income new mothers get a large basket filled with all the new clothing and supply items needed for a newborn baby. We provide low-income families with diapers and baby wipes for their toddlers monthly, which are a necessity, but a costly needed item.

Shop Hours & Location:
11 Washington Street, Rensselaer, New York
Mon-Fri 10am to 2pm, Tues 10am to 3pm (no weekends).

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